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W Korea tagged Sehun in a post about Miranda Kerr.

W Korea tagged Sehun in a post about Miranda Kerr.

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Baekhyun you little shit!

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let me guess, SM will try to cover up the SNSD Jessica incident by making an Exo comeback within the next few weeks

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jessica didn't leave, she was kicked out. :c

Lol yes. Thank you.
But you should know what I mean by leave. Leave as in no longer in the group

SNSD was the last group I would ever think of to have a member leave the group. They’ve been a successful group for so many years now and they all look so happy and close together. I’d never thought Jessica would leave. In whatever Jessica’s decision is in the future will be, let’s support her!
Support to all you Sones! Those fans who has lost members before in their favorite group knows how it feels like. We know the pain and we’ve been through the tears!

I’m confused about the 2pm and Teen Top situation. I know I’m kind of late. But why are people so shocked that Teen Top won and 2pm didn’t…?! Did everybody think 2pm was going to win so easily because they’re more “popular” than Teen Top?! Were people just doubting TT and was shocked in the end that they won? Is it just people’s opinion that the big popular 2pm should have won against Teen Top or were there actually something fishy behind the win of TT that caused such a big issue?! Because like I don’t get it. Why the heck is 2pm members getting asked about how they feel losing to TT? Like I find that a bit offensive. Was 2pm guaranteed to win but it was such a shock that TT did?!

I’m not bashing 2pm. But I just hate it how people are viewing it and putting it.


So today is my sister’s birthday, but sadly she’s spending it alone because she’s now in college far away from the family. Can you guys wish her a happy birthday on her tumblr?! That would be really nice. Don’t tell her that I asked you. Please just do it out of kindness.
Her tumblr is: Jiminspiration


"kim jongdae is the future"


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